Quantum Cat5e

A complete range of quantum Cat5e products including Patch Panels, modules, leads and bulk cable. All tested to exceed all current Cat5e standards.

Quantum Cat5e Patch Panels

The Quantum Cat5e patch panel is suitable for installations within the industry standard 19ÔÇÖ cabinets. This panel is available in 1U 24 port and 48 port high density space saving versions offering you flexibility and choice.

Quantum Cat5e Modules/Faceplates

The Quantum Euro and LJ6c modules have shutters to prevent accidental user access and to protect against dust ingress. Both Quantum Cat5e modules feature Krone IDC punchdown blocks and rugged construction for ease of use.

Quantum Cat5e Bulk Cable

Quantum Cat 5e cable meets international performance standards.

Quantum Cat5e Leads

The Quantum range of Cat 5e UTP patch leads are suitable for use with all Cat 5e components. The flexible stranded twisted pair cable provides reliable connections for all copper based applications.

Quantum Cable Management

Cable management bar provides convenient patch cable management. Attractive and durable, the panel is constructed from steel, with 5 toughened plastic rings attached to the front. Occupying only 1U of space in your cabinet this low cost unit is quick and easy to install.